Thursday, October 19, 2006

something is very wrong in the yard

mom went outside yesterday for awhile and wouldn't let me go with her. that kinda ticked me off. anyways, the next time we went out, she put this weird collar on me and then hooked my leash to my regular collar. so two collars and a leash. i'm like, whatever, let's go!

when i went to my front yard, like i usually do so i can do my business, there were a zillion of these white a row....and they kept going all the way back to the back of the house and around the front. well, i didn't think anything of it, but i did wonder why mom wasn't taking me off the leash so i could run.

so i went up to one of the flags, you know, to give it a little doggie welcoming to the yard and the thing beeped at me. i cocked my head and was just about to go in further to taste it, when mom called me back to her.

so we kept walking .... i went to check out another one....happily wagging my...and ZAP!!!! that darn white flag zapped my neck!!! i jumped and yelped and mom called me back to her. which believe me, i had noooo problems coming to her.

what in the doggie-hell is going on???



  1. Oh, Ranger... you don't want to know... Those flags are EVIL!
    - Charlie

  2. Those flags are stupid!

  3. Another method of canine torture! If you think the flag things are bizare, check out my blog to see what I've been up against lately!!!!Humans....they can be cruel!!!!

  4. Oh Ranger!

    You've got to get rid of that weird collar! It's EVIL. That, or turn off the electric juice to the house and rip the backup electric sticks out of the white flag box.

    Good luck!