Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i love....

...stinky human breath in the mornings. i kiss and kiss my humans.
...stinky human toes, especially after being in shoes for a long time. i lick and lick.
...smelly human armpits...i will lick and clean my dad when he comes home, no matter how much he sweated during the day.

but if i come inside after wandering around in the sewage drain...everyone FREAKS out and tells me that i stink! then i get a bath and fussed at.

i don't understand humans at all!!



  1. All that love and attention from you and then they freak out when you bring intersting smells home? That does seem very unfair.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. Ranger, I completely agree!
    - Charlie

  3. Aaah Ranger,

    the vagaries of humans.

    Just keep enjoyin' their stinks, doog. Nothin' more you can do, really.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  4. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Humans have an underdeveloped sense of smell kiddo.

    Bussie Kissies