Saturday, October 21, 2006

seriously, what's with the white flags?

i've decided to stay away from them. I agree with turbo, those flags are stupid and evil! sometimes i forget you know, just sniffing along.

i just hate that suddenly i'm on the leash all the time and i want to run and play. plus it's been raining poodles around here and the humans don't take me out as much. i got them back the other night, i was sooooo restless....

i laid down in the bedroom, then paced to the living room through the kitchen (click, click, click) then back to the bedroom. i even went and stared at my mom sleeping...but she didn't move so i went back to the living room through the kitchen.....well you get the idea.

my parents were tired the next day and so was i. so when they had to be up and around, i slept all day. *cheesy doggy grin*


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