Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i'm bad too!

i have been posting all my good qualities lately and some of you doggies out there think i'm not representing. even though i am mostly good, i just everyone to know that i do act bad once in awhile. like for instance:

- this morning i snuck into my brother's room and took a packet of gum! it was yummy..but mom caught me before i really got into it.
- last week i ate half a pencil, again, from my brother's room.
- sometimes i snack on small plastic toys....(hmmm..there is a theme here)...from my brother's room.
- i chewed lightly on my brother's outdoor sandals. just to leave a mark or two.
- i love the bounce freshner sheets that come from the clean laundry. mom puts it in her trash and i help her out by removing it and chewing it.
- i've eaten two pairs of my mom's underwear, but it's been awhile since i did that.
- recently mom left her piece of cake on the coffee table, so i licked it. she looked like she was done with it! apparently, she wasn't.

that's about it. i really try to be good most of the time because i want my mom to be happy and she gives me lots of treats when i am good! i can't help it. i'm the kid that wants to get straight A's.



  1. Ranger
    Did you just lick the cake or actually eat bits of it?

    Fei does that all the time! If there's any food lying around, she's very swift and licks it (but never realy eats it) and she knows she's not allowed to.

    Fei & E

  2. Ranger,
    You're the best! Chewing is a very important part of our duties.
    - Charlie

  3. Ranger,

    Was she finished with the cake after you licked it?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Hey Ranger Bud...

    I'm confused, what is wrong with all those things? Sounds like you are doing what you are supposed to do. When I get worked up doing my policing job I always grab mom's favorite shoes and try and snap their neck. This always leaves my mark on the soft leather. Mom yells, but she still, I know she is secretly pleased with my macho image.


  5. Rang-kins~
    We would't have to chew everything If those humans could make doggie chewing gum for us,Now that would help alot.woof-woof

    Lot's Lof Lick's