Wednesday, September 27, 2006

lots of new things today!!

holy lassie, let me tell you about my day. my brother needed to go to some meeting where there were a bunch of other wonderfully smelly boys. they wore uniforms and stuff. i got to meet new people and they thought i was wonderful (but of course).

then mom and i went for walk in the nearby cemetary. that is a place where humans bury their families after they die. i kept looking behind me...i felt like i was being watched.

then, mom decided to go off into a field and i came upon the biggest animals i have ever seen in my whole life!! there were three of them and they were huge! each one had four legs, a long tail, big huge feet, pointy ears, a very long nose (almost the size of me) and a huge body. i did not know what they were but all the hair on my back stood up. mom didn't seem scared, but i sat down and didn't want to get near them.

then she paid me walk along side their fence, but not too close. it was hard to walk next to mom - i kept my eye on them!! they were pawing at the fence and making noises....*snooort* and *weeeeehhhheee*. one of them kind opened his mouth and i saw huge teeth! that's it. i'm done...we are sooo out of there...but nooo, mom walked by them one more time. she is nuts i tell you.

finally we left, whew. of course, back through the cemetary. just when i couldn't be more shaken, i heard this big thing in the sky....whop-whop-whop-whop. it sounded like a car, but louder. mom said it was a helicopter, but with all the other new stuff going on - it freaked me out for a second!

i finally got to visit with the smelly boys again and all was well. mom says we are going to go back.

uh-uh. not me.



  1. Hey there Ranger,

    sounds like you had an exciting day.

    Now, those big things sounded like horses to me, and boy I'm with you, they're dog-dang huge. And smelly.

    I remember when I first came across them, we were living in Canberra. I was taking my ma on a walk up this mountain (Mt Ainslie) which had a big track all around it.

    I was galloping on ahead doing my usual job of sniffing out the territory when...up ahead were two of those big balubas coming my way.

    Scared the tail off me. I ran like it was going out of fashion in the other direction, ie towards my ma. But then I just galloped right by her and kept going.

    She had to run after me, of course. I was nearly back down the mountain by the time she caught up with me and calmed me down! Anyway since then I've met a few of them while I've been on a lead, they're not too bad but....

    Boy they stink!

    Anyway, hope you're recovered from your trauma!

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  2. Ranger, you gotta protect your mama!!! Don't run, you have to put yourself in front of ma next time ok??

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  3. i am sure you were very brave...but sometimes if you are really lucky, and you walk behind them....a lovely smelly substance will be deposited on the ground...smells thinks its gross though...moms are not so bright sometimes....mj