Monday, September 25, 2006

cleaning house

mom decided to organize her office. it looked like the place exloded paper everywhere. there was hardly anywhere for me to walk, so she made me stay towards the door. i would scoot in closer, very carefully. but basically i had to lay down and wait patiently.

does anyone else besides me notice the box of crackers on the floor?

cleaning is boring

seriously...the BOX OF CRACKERS!!

i am sooo good!

when she wasn't looking i did nibble lightly on a couple of papers. gotta leave your mark!



  1. I would've taken the crackers and ran away!

  2. awww ranger, you're a good doggy! i love these cute, what are you looking at puppy poses!!

    Fei & E

  3. Yeah, crackers are good, but moms are better!

    - C

  4. You are a very good dog. Maybe too good. Throw your mom a curve ball now and again! You're making us all look bad.

  5. Oh poor Ranger, was that a test for you?? You did good. A box of crackers was beside you, but you nibbled on the papers instead!! You sure are learning fast...

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  6. Oh my dog. Ranger.

    How did you resist?

    And yeah, as Cubby said, you're really makin' us all look like constantly hungry, umm, dogs.

    Errr, well yeah I am. And I'm comfortable with that.

    But I love your I see those crackers but maybe if I don't look at them they won't smell so scrumptious expression.

    Or maybe it's more a I will not steal the crackers. I will not steal the crackers. I will not steal the crackers. I will not steal the crackers. I will not steal the crackers ...and that's how you hypnotised yourself into not going for them.


    I'm impressed.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  7. ranger~
    What are your thinking about?
    How you can lick the biscuits out of the box,And how good of a nibble it would be... got to get to the box without my human seeing me !!!.sniff-sniss

    Lot's of Lick's