Wednesday, August 30, 2006

still no porch

no porch still. mom says they are going to come to today with more equipment. huh? and then we can't go out it at all. how the heck am I suppose to do my business? the only way out is down a long flight of stairs and i only come UP stairs, not go DOWN.

i'm nervous.



  1. I say pee in the house. Hey, you're not the one that lost the front porch! Then when they see it, give them the "what poop what pee" and they'll get over it. They always do.

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Rangerlove...
    I totally have to agree with Buster! An aire-head he is not! Remember that we don't see in brown? At least...that works for me. Just make sure you choose your backdrop accordingly to hide the evidence. After all, as Buster says... it's not YOUR problem!


  3. Train your mom to put treats on the steps - worked for me! Now I go up and down and all around!!
    - Charlie