Friday, September 01, 2006

beginner class

sorry i haven't written, it has been very hectic around here. 'preciate all the advice about getting outside, but we managed. the new porch is in and it is very rough on my paws, but no one consulted me on how exposed concrete would feel.

started my doggie beginner class yesterday. mom wasn't happy and is switching days to another trainer. we went there and we just kinda hung out and did our own thing. in fact mom had to help out with this other lab. i heard her telling dad that she is not spending $85 just to hang out with a bunch of people and there is another class where the trainer is more structuredand will teach us more. she thinks i could be challenged more. yikes! does that mean i get more treats?


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  1. ranger ~
    It sounds like you ate sometnig that made your tummy upset ,Stay away from those wicked cats.thay always leave stuff around,Feel better..

    Lot's of Lick's