Tuesday, August 29, 2006

things are crazy!!

yesterday morning, all these men showed up at our house. well, i did't like that very much. and then they started making all these really scary noises on our front porch!! BAM BAM BAM. THHUUUU-THUUUU-THUUUU. it was crazy, i tell you! i went under mom's desk and didn't come out for awhile.

finally, i had to pee and when mom opened the door...there was all this huge equipment and we had NO FRONT PORCH! seriosuly! everything was GONE. i had to jump down just to get out. and i don't mind telling you, i didn't want to go. i'd rather just pee in the house.

of course last night it was kinda fun, cause i got to smell around all the fresh dirt....mom is kinda upset because everyone is tracking sand and dirt into the house! she is no fun sometimes.


1 comment:

  1. Your mom should try living where I live Ranger. Someone is always tracking mud/dirt/sand into the house. That's because I live in the desert! Hope you get a front porch soon!

    -Sadie Mae Dog