Thursday, August 24, 2006

i love registers

our house has these neat little vent things on the floor that shoot out cold air. i love to sit on top of them and cover them up when i am hot. somtimes my family complains that they aren't getting any cold air in the room, but let THEM put on a fur coat and wear it 24/7 in hot, humid weather. a doggie has to do what a doggie has to do!


ps: i removed that tag thingy from my blog - it was causing popup's and i don't like them. i like pop tarts - they are yummy.


  1. Speaking of tag thingies, at our old house, my dog tag got stuck in the register I was lying on. When I got up, the register cover came with me!

  2. hmmmm - pop tarts ! Yummmmyyyy ! Know you have done it Ranger - I may have to interupt my blogging to go in search of pop tarts :-)