Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i shouldn't brag

mom said that i was bragging about all the great things i can do, cause i do mess up still (even though i am really, really good).

so she told me to tell y'all about the plant that i have innocently, helped with trimming the leaves. i think they were too full and green looking and now the plant looks much better. it has character. don't you think? (it also tastes good too, but don't tell her i said that).


i didn't do anything



  1. Hee hee Ranger, howzit goin'?

    Your expression in the photo is very good; very likely to cause doubt about your guilt in your human's mind.

    Your puppy school must be excellent and you obviously got first class honours!

    I'm pretty good at that myself.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

    PS Hope you don't mind if we swop drooly links?

  2. Thanks for linking to me. I will add your link to my stuff. It's nice to see you believe in mommy or daddy water and lick it up after they shower! It's one of my favorite things to do with my dad. My mom won't let me do her.

    All my plants are outside and my parents don't care if I chew on them. My mom only has one plant in the kitchen, to fix burns, and it is up way high.

    You are pretty handsome yourself. I also see you have a lot of will to be able to restrain yourself from jumping in the backseat and wolfing down every last bite of food. I love pizza but my folks just don't have it at home that much. I get some when they do but it has been months!


  3. Hi Ranger,

    Nice Job ! The plant look very artistic now ... It will look even better if you can decorate ALL the leaves ... including those that are higher up !!

    You will make a great artist :)