Friday, August 25, 2006

how to freak your humans out

i learned a new trick today, how to freak my mom out! she was getting ready to take a shower and i was just hangin out in the bathroom with her .... and i got kinda ya know...there was a lot of water in that big white thingy she sits i helped myself to a couple of drinks!

good grief, she yelped and carried on so. then she dried my mouth AND tongue with a towel, complaining about how i can't lick in her in the face today. doesn't she know where i lick all the time? humans are so weird. water tasted fine to me!



  1. Humans are very weird young Ranger--don't ever, ever let them convince you that they aren't.

    You can also get more treats if you cock your head when your mom says "are you cute?". Try it.


  2. Ranger, I lurrrvvveee water from that white shiny bowl as well. But my humans have since learnt to close the cover at all times.. sigh.

    Lucky you... your human have yet to learn that trick!

    J loves choco lab, but it's too huge for the small apartment she lives in.