Wednesday, August 16, 2006

food food food food food food

i am crazy about human food! when my family snacks i am so there! sometimes i like to lick their fingers as they are holding something yummy. they never see me coming...i just sneak up behind them. they don't seem to like that. the human that i can bug the most is my brother - i sit really close to him and lean my nose into whatever he is eating. he gets mad - but what do i care?

with my mom and dad though, i know better to sit and wait patiently or else i won't get anything. but it's so hard sometimes to wait!



  1. Ranger~
    Woof! Woof! Woof! That's my dog Sammy! Woof!Food Glorious Food!!
    I look for food 247, I'm a dog that's my job,

    Lot's of Licks

  2. Ranger:

    I didn't know what people food was until my Gramma gave me some. Now I sit next to Momma or Daddy when they are eating and try to get some. I know better with Auntie Jen. With her, she yells at me if I get too close. But Momma or Daddy usually gives me something.

    I did eat like half a tin of hooman cookies the other day and it made me really sick. But I think I'm better now.

    -Sadie Mae Dog