Tuesday, August 15, 2006

big day!

mom got a new 'puter and she has been busy on it and won't let me on to update my blog! she told me to be patient. *ruff*

this morning was weird. my brother got up really early and ate breakfast. then he put this red thing on his back and we went outside. i thought we were just playing but then this HUGE yellow bus stopped in front of my house and took my brother away! it was so loud. i saw some kids sitting in it and thought about going in to see them. i looked at mom to amke sure everything was okay and she seemed happy so i guess i shouldn't worry. gonna go take my morning nap now.


1 comment:

  1. My Momma has to go off every day to school to teach the kiddies. She says I might get to go see them this year, but I have to be a good dog and not give kisses! How am I supposed to NOT give kisses? Doesn't everyone love getting puppy kisses?

    -Sadie Mae Dog