Thursday, August 17, 2006

i barfed up a....

....ROCK! mom has these tasty rocks around her plants and i just love to pick them up and gnaw on them. well i guess i swallowed one (i don't remember) and this morning i started to barf up some other stuff (string from my ropes) and i heard this big THUD on the bottom of my crate.

sure enough, there was a smooth rock, way bigger than a quarter. kinda freaked out mom. i'm guessing that rock would of hurt if it stayed in my stomach or worse....come out the other end.



  1. Oh Ranger, be careful about eating string from your rope. Mom read that letting a doggie swallow string can cause problems in his intestines if they get caught and knot things up. Some doggies have even needed surgery to fix the problems! And rocks??? You are probably lucky you barfed it up.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. Ranger:

    Stay away from rocks! If they get stuck in your tummy, then you have to go in and have surgey. And the surgey is expensive. Momma used to watch the Emergency Vets on the Animal Channel and they always had a doggie who ate something they shouldn't have and now they couldn't go poo and they frows up everything they eats.

    Don't eat the string either. Eating your toys sure seems like a good idea because they you get new toys. But eatin them could cause the same thing as the rock and your Momma would be SUPER worried.

    -Sadie Mae Dog

  3. i know, i know. i have been very bad.


  4. Hi Ranger!

    What happen to all your other food? Keep those toys away from your tummy !! .... They are bad for the tummy too