Saturday, October 07, 2006

i went to a street festival!

i had the most unbelievable experience yesterday! mom took me (with my human brother and grandparents) to this street that had SOOOO MANY HUMANS. everyone was walking around and it was so crowded. i had to walk real close to my mom. it's called the West Side Nut Club Festival and apparently it's a big deal in the human world.

anyway, the main point of this large human gathering is to buy food. and then the humans eat the food while they walk around. so guess what happens sometimes to the food? you guessed it my fellow-doggies, they DROP IT on the ground. oh yeah! this puppy had his nose to the ground the whole time...i even got to eat a few treats left behind before my mom said leave it! woof-woof!

i saw babies, children, adults and these contraptions with wheels that humans sit in, - i tell you it was crazy! everyone fussed over me, of course. i found out i'm a natural babe magnet. lots of pretty girls were coming over to pet me and my brother liked that a whole lot. mom was sooo happy with me ... i was the best puppy ever!

luckily - there was even a pet store on the street so i got to go in and get a new toy and bones! i can tell you i was wiped out and slept for hours when we got home.



  1. Ranger-

    You must have a been a good Doggie to get to go for a bye bye. Momma says she's going to start taking me out more. I already gots to go for a walk this morning. And sometimes she takes me to other people's houses where they have stuff in the yard. I think it's called a yardsale. But I don't know why anyone would want to sell their yard! And the kids love me. They are usually afraid of me, espeecially when I try to give them kissies! =)

    -Sadie Mae Dog

  2. Awesome Ranger! any opportunity to grab people food is a good time. Sounds like you handled yourself well.

    As for costumes...well, I think it is terribly undignified to be dressed in a costume, having said that I must admit that mom made me dress as a sheep when she took me to the border collie picnic last year. She said she didn't have any border collies so she'd bring the sheep. Evie also was dressed that way. We won 3rd place in the contest (I think it was 3rd because we WEREN'T border collies, should have been 1st place), but it was horrendously embarrassing. Got a big dog biscuit out of it though.


  3. Souds like you had an awesome time!

  4. Sounds like a great day!