Thursday, September 07, 2006

i hog blowing air

as you may have read before i hog all of the registers in my house. if air is blowin, i am on top of it. well that includes fans! in my mom's office she gets hot and has this little fan on the floor. my favorite thing to do is sneak in when she isn't looking and sit directly in front of it. she had the nerve to try to capture a picture, but i quickly moved. we don't need any captured evidence on film.

looks interesting

what's your problem?



  1. Unfortunately we don't have any blowing air things to lay on in our house!

  2. Hi Ranger,

    You try this, its fun !! What you do is stay right infront of the fan, and make a soft or loud bark (as you wish) and LISTEN !! The bark is so different when you do it without a fan !!! ....

    Its fun !! When I first did it, I thought there was another dog talking to me !!!

  3. Hi Ranger,
    It's nice to have cool air blowing at you huh. ;)

    ~ fufu