Wednesday, September 06, 2006

geez, mom

okay, so my tummy hurt a little bit yesterday. no big deal. mom has to get all dramatic and everything. everytime i tried to sleep she was there patting me asking if i'm okay. i was till you woke me up!

i'm totally back to my usual, raging self. truth be told, i just wish she would add a little flavor or somethin-somethin to my regular dry food. know what i mean? just ran around the yard like a crazy pup. but hey, thanks for your concern.



  1. At least you got yogurt deal, though!

  2. Hey glad everything is fine!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Hey Ranger
    Glad to hear you're doing betta.
    Stopped by from Dogs with Blogs to say WOOF WOOF.
    Labs are cool!!

    Nice meeting you.
    Fei (and Eve)

  4. I only get yogurts and special dinners sometimes. Especially when I go to Grammas house! I get lots of yummy dinners there! But Momma is too busy to feed me yummy foods all the time. But at least I get foods!

  5. Woof! :)
    - Charlie