Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a friend, is a friend indeed

i got tagged by sam, thankyouverymuch.

here is five things that make a good dog friend.

1. i will share my toys with you.
2. i am always up for a game of tag.
3. if you aren't done eating something, i will help you finish it.
4. i will roll on my back and let you be the alpha dog too!
5. i don't mind if my human gives you affection. i'm not jealous.

i tag puggy and molly brown. this cyber tagging is harder than regular taggin in the yard.



  1. You sound almost too good to be true Ranger.......

    seriously, you don't get jealous not even a little big, when your hoo-mans go all mushy over other dogs??

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  2. Hey Ranger! I like you site! So I"m linking you over!
    Your Friend always! Molly

  3. Hey Ranger! You sound like a cool pup! We'd all love to be friends with you. I don't care about being an alpha dog ... but Storm sure does. BIG time.
    Ha roo! and play bows,

  4. Ranger, we have the same taste in friends!
    - C