Monday, August 07, 2006

i'm sooo sad.....

my family is leaving for a five whole days. i don't know how long that is but i don't like them to leave me even for one second. i'm going to stay with my grandparents, but it won't be the same. mom said i couldn't go because they won't allow dogs. what kinda cruddy place is that?

who am i going to follow around if my mom and brother aren't here? who's going to play with me like my dad?

the worst thing is i won't be able to post here. i'll miss my cyber doggie friends...please don't forget me - i'll be back!



  1. It's okay Ranger. My Momma wents away TWICE for five days. One time she went to go visit the grandparents and then she wents to Vegas. I gots to stay home with Daddy. Then Daddy wents away for three days and I gots to stay home with Momma. Now Momma is going back to workie. I don't like it so I'm being bads and not listening. Maybe Momma will come home and stay with me again!

    And guess what? My Momma and Daddy is getting married! But that's not for a long time. And then I gets to go with them on vacation to the beach!

    And don't worry Ranger, I probably won't be posting a whole lots either with Momma at workie. Daddy doesn't like the compooter.

  2. Listen Ranger!! You'll have to toughen up! Mom and Dad are gone so here's your chance to get Grammy and Gramps in shape! When Mom and Dad get home don't even get up to see them....let them come to you! Next time they'll consider a dog friendly place to go too! Humans...they can be cruel to us at times!You need to take control of your enviroment or they'll be dropping you off all the time. Before you know it, they'll be bringing a cat home!

  3. Ranger,

    We won't forget you. We will wait for you to have a chance to blog again.

    Your humans need to find better places to go visit. But Mom did go to Florida and Aunt Bec stayed with us because we couldn't go along. The people at the place she went read our blog so we thought we should go but she said no.

    Oh well, don't worry about anyone forgetting you. You are too handsome to forget!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Forget you ? NEVER ! How could we forget you Ranger ? Grandparents are good for spoiling - maybe you will enjoy your stay with them - you never know.


  5. Ranger,

    Be good, maybe your mum will bring you lots of Goodies when shes back. And also, make full use of this chance to slave your grandparents ... hahahahaha ...

    Get them to give you lots of good food, treats, exercise and yeah, if they dont, chew the whole house upside down ... that will teach them to be good to you :)

  6. Ranger,

    It's been almost five days. Hopefully you will be back soon! We miss you.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy