Saturday, August 12, 2006

guess who's back....back again...

...that's right, HERE I AM!! my family suddenly appeared outside yesterday. i wasn't sure who they were at i put my ears back and kinda looked at them. but as soon as i smelled my brother - i ran up and tackled everyone.

it was kinda weird to have them back...and i have been a tad naughty since there has been no one to really play with me. i decided not to listen to my mom when she called me outside and she wasn't happy about that. oh well, it was great sleeping in my dad and mom's room. i don't want them to leave again so i am following them everywhere! i missed them and my cyber doggie friends!!!



  1. Welcome back, Ranger!

    We missed you too! Don't be too hard on your humans. Sometimes they have to do stuff that doesn't include doggies but they always come back because doggies are the best! You should probably chew on something so they know they shouldn't have left you behind but after that give lots of Ranger kisses!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. Hi Ranger, you have been tagged!

  3. Ranger:

    Welcome back and You've been tagged! Come see me and find out!

    -Sadie Mae Dog

  4. Heya! Hiya!

    Bussie Kissies

  5. Hi Ranger, welcome back and don't forget you are our Dog of the Week on!


    Taz & Eve

  6. Ranger likes the eminem

  7. YAY welcome back Ranger =]

    Im glad your humans are home now