Sunday, July 02, 2006

ima river rat

that's right. just call me a river rat. mom, dad and my brother went to the ohio river this weekend. it was a crazy! i kinda was overwhelmed with all the new people and stuff to smell so i hardly slept the first day and the second day i about passed out with exhaustion. i also got my first taste of chips and human food. i KNEW they were holding out on me. it was weird because a lot of loud noises were going on - *BANG* *BANG* but i didn't even pay attention to it.

HPIM0491 HPIM0490 HPIM0492 HPIM0513
the best thing was swimming in the river. mom took me down to the ramp and i have to admit, i was nervous at first. but i looked up at her and she seemed really happy, so i figured what the hell, (oops, i can't bark that word till i'm older), let's have some fun! we didn't go too far in, but i had a ball. after all, i am a lab, it would be pretty stupid not to like water. it was so hot, so it made me feel good. the river camp was fun but i was sure glad to be back home. my bro and i fell asleep on the way back.


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