Saturday, July 01, 2006

conqueror of the noisy red thing

ah-ha! i have conquered the noisy red thing that frightened me before. my mom was cleaning it and i decided to sneak up on her. after she turned it on, instead of running i pounced on its flexible arm.

that crazy thing sucks you in! it had a hold of my lip so i tried to bite it. my mom and brother laughed, but i think they were laughing at the red thing, of course not me. i've decided it is not scary until it gets moving. i'm not sure i want to be in the way of that thing.

HPIM0459 HPIM0462 HPIM0461 HPIM0460



  1. OOOH you are brave! I am scared of the vacuum!

  2. Winton (aka Winnie)12:18 PM

    My mom uses her machine to vacuum me!!! I have a lot of fur that I shed all year round and don't mind being vacuumed at all. It's like getting a back rub ... which I like verrrrrrry much.