Monday, June 12, 2006

ranger, here

my name is ranger. i am a full-blooded, pointed tail, chocolate lab and came to live with my new family three weeks ago. i am now 10 weeks old. i really am digging my new family although they were hard to get used to at first. i didn't know what to do without my 8 brothers/sisters the first day, so i cried all night. my new mom looked really tired in the morning, but i didn't care that much.

anyway, they have this other dog, who they call sheriff and i'm just glad there is someone else around here who licks their butt too. i love to bite his tail and nip at his skinny legs. he is a really good chew toy.

i'm gonna try to write about me and my adventures. although i may not have time to post everyday since i need alot of sleep. plus, this typing thing is hard to do with my huge paws.

check out just how cute i was at 5-7 weeks. it's really no wonder everyone loves me.

HPIM0220 HPIM0208 HPIM0222 HPIM0259

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