Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the noisy red thing

i love my mom, really i do. but she does this really weird thing (quite often) that scares me to death. she pulls out of this closet this really big red thing, which seems to have a cord that goes into the wall. then, when you least expect it, this LOUD sound comes out of it like growling and whirling. then she actually touches this thing and pushes it back and forth on the carpet. is she crazy?

the first time i heard that awful noise, i promptly took off running and pee'd on my parent's bedroom carpet. heck, i wasn't try to be bad, it just scared me. luckily, my mom didn't seem mad at me.

now, when she pulls out the red thing (which seems like every other day) she asks me to go in my crate so i won't be scared. i still don't like that thing getting near me, even if i am safe in my crate. but, it hasn't tried to eat me or my mom yet...so i guess i'll be alright.


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