Wednesday, September 05, 2007

conclusion to grand marshall contest!

follow up:

first - thank you so much to everyone who voted. i really appreciate your support.

technically, i did not win. something stupid about confirmed votes vs unconfirmed votes. can't humans do anything right? mom was more sad that i didn't win, like i care? i still get/give love.

but we got a phone call today. apparently, (this gets bone juicy) the other doggie's owner who entered him in the contest (probably didn't ask him) was under the age of 18. i guess you can't do that because there are prizes and stuff. (i hope it's bones)

well they called her and told her that she couldn't win and then i would get to be GRAND MARSHALL and rule the universe. ahem, walk in the parade.

my mom was so excited, "WE WON!", she shouted. but i was like, hey, what about the girl and the other doggie? i like girls, i like to give them kisses. i don't want her to feel bad.

so i put my paw down. i will not walk without her and her doggie. so even though i'm GRAND MARSHALL he will get HONORARY MENTION and walk with us.

and that's okay by me. even though i am cuter. but i won't bring that up.

now if only humans could get along like us doggies....

*w00f* *w00f*

PS next ticket - president!!!


  1. Way to go Ranger :-) Congrats on the win - and what a wonderful gesture to include the other doggie. You are a true champ.


  2. Kudos to you, Ranger...I'm proud of you! I'm even prouder of you for how you handled the other doggie than of the actual Grand Marshall thing!

    Baxter, Elsie, Ridge, and Kenya send their congrats, too!

    Ya done good! ;o)

    Joan (from over at LabTails)

    PS: If it's okay with you, we'd love to add you to our blogroll!

  3. Well done Ranger, we piled in about 10 votes for you, hope your mom posts lots of pics of you walking in the parade and how very gentlemanly to invite the young ladies to walk with you-
    love from Jonah, Jasper and Kate Flynn- England x

  4. Hi there...

    Need a hand... am rallying for supporters for a SILENT Protest this Sunday in a bid to Stop the Dog Hunt organised by MPS. Please tell your friends who are animal lovers in Malaysia to visit for details.

    Thanks a million

  5. Congratulations Ranger! That was very nice of you to include the other dog. I can't wait to see pictures of you leading the parade. If you need some help campaigning for president, let me know. My mom's job is designing flyers and brochures and posters.

  6. Good job, Ranger! People should be that good. Guess your people are, anyway!! :)
    - Charlie

  7. Congratulations!

  8. Grand marshall by default - I love it! You look very presidential.