Wednesday, April 04, 2007

meet steve....

this is the guy who my doggie dad lives with. he was the first human that ever held me or kissed me. he came to visit us and i usually don't like human men right off the bat....but i must have remembered his smell because i barked and rolled around with him.

he is best friends with my human dad and i am so glad. he loved seeing me and brought pictures of one of my brothers with my doggie dad. he also told my mom when i was out of the room that one of my brothers was ran over by a car. i pretended not to hear. *sniff*




  1. That's great that your family is friends with your doggie Dad and his family. I bet your parents bragged about you a lot. I love to hear my parents brag about me! I can tell when they're doing it and I to pretend I don't hear them, but my tail always gives me away.

  2. Dog, do you look happy!! BTW, happy birthday - you're a big guy now!
    - Charlie

  3. Ranger, we bet you look a whole lot bigger than the last time he saw you! We are sorry to hear that one of your doggie brothers was run over. We are glad you are so big now htat a car can't run over you ... and your humans take good care of you so you don't get where you can be run over!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. sorry about your brover are make sure you are always careful...sometimes i run out in front of cars and mommy has a nervous nelly breakdown...she says i am lucky this is a 20 kilometer an hour zone...whew....