Friday, March 09, 2007

herro everyone!

long time no bark!! i'm still here...growing strong. I'll be turning one year old here in about three weeks.

mom still hogs the computer. so i nibble on her feet sometimes, but she doesn't give in.

it's starting to warm up which means i get to hang outside more. which i love. i need more exercise!!

mom is taking me to rally! it's a stilly class that makes you sit, down, turn around and follow your human through a bunch of orange cones. you are suppose to bite them or tip them over. anyway, everyone fusses over me how great i am. duh! but, of course!

i miss you guy and gal doggies! please don't forget about me as well! i'll try to post pics soon!

lots of puppy play bites!



  1. Hi Ranger! Good to hear from you again. Have fun with rally!

  2. Rally sounds like fun!
    - Charlie

  3. Hi, Ranger. Of course we will wait for you. You are one of the gang!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy