Monday, February 12, 2007

redeemed myself

so this weekend my brother has a friend over to spend the night for two glorious nights. i lu-oove it when there are more than one smelly boy around.

anyway, my bro who always leaves treats down low, actually left a bag of doritios (glorious cheesy triangle treats) and, get this, small chocolately snickers on the floor. actually he had the nerve to set them in my very own box where i keep my doggie toys. i guess he was too lazy to get up and put them up properly.

and.....(drum roll please) i did not touch any of it. nope. not a single bite of anything. aaaaalll night.

my human bro got in trouble while i got praise and lots of love. even a doggie treat...hmmmm jerky! that's what i'm about.



  1. Jerky?! I'd like some jerky!

  2. Ranger, you are such a good boy! That chocolate is baaad for dogs; we're so proud of you for leaving it alone!
    - Chuck

  3. Good job Ranger! That chocolate stuff can give you a bad tummy ache. (I've learned the hard way).

  4. You go dog!! The jerky is better anyway. It doesn't give you as big of a tummy ache.