Tuesday, January 02, 2007

9 months old today!!

i can't believe how times flies! nine months old today!! *woof* *W00F* i already got my "big boy" bark.....and now i hike my leg to pee.

in fact, speaking of hiking my leg...i got into trouble yesterday. we went to my mom's friend's house and she has two fluffy male doggies who yap-yap-yap. they also pee in their house sometimes.

so when i went inside....and smelled where they have "been" - i promptly lifted my leg and marked it. hey! that's a doggie's business card. boy were the humans maaaad.



  1. Humans get bent out of shape about the stupidest things!!!

  2. hahah Ranger
    actually, good on ya for growing up and doing grown up stuff like marking!
    That pic of you behind the curtain is cool. Fei does that a lot, too.

    Fei & E

  3. Wow Ranger. Before you know, you're going to have your berfday! Berfdays are fun. I got to go on a byebye on my berfday. And I gots to go into the Puppy Store where I got to sniff all kinds of things and I got to pick out my own toy! And then the nice man who put my toy in a bag gave me a cookie! And I got to have cake, though I think Momma said she was going to try the cake that Charlie had for his berfday for my berfday this year.

    -Sadie Mae Dog

  4. Happy Birthday!

    They'll forgive you for the hiking...just give them a cute look.