Wednesday, December 13, 2006

see the hay?

see the hay on the ground ... i like to eat that. boy that makes my mom maaaaad. she comes running out of the house yelling LEAVE IT! i drop it out of my mouth but sneak it when she isn't looking.




  1. Cooper's Mom1:31 PM


    My mom really likes your blog. I am the same age as you, but I am a black lab and live in Texas. My brother, Cody, and I like to eat stuff outside, too. But I grab the leaves and twigs and stuff, and run really fast inside, and then leap onto the recliner, and eat my vegetation there. You should try that-much more comfortable.
    Gotta go chew on stuff-

  2. Are you part horse lil big guy?

    Bussie Kissies

  3. "Leave it"? What does "leave it" mean? We don't respond to that. So our mom tried "on by!" which is (I guess) musher-talk for "don't stop and snarf that really great-smelling stuff, keep walking/running". We don't exactly get that one, either. Neither does our dad. The first time mom said it, dad thought she said "High five!" Wooo! That was pretty funny!
    Glad you saw our warning about you-know-who. Us pups gotta stick together!

  4. Rabger!

    You are growing so big! You look beautiful! I don't have any Hay around here, but I do know my Mom gets very mad when I munch on rocks!

    Luv and xoxoxo's
    Maddie the Chocolate Lab

  5. RANGER!

    Sorry for the typo, my paw didn't work for a moment :-)


  6. oooohhhhh yah hoomans get really mad when you eat the cat....poooh
    too. my mom yells ICK! NO NO NO.
    or DROP IT.......NOW.
    besides I heard hay is also good for those really really big dogs that are taller than our hoomans, maybe she is afraid that you'll get to big....;D BOL.