Monday, November 13, 2006

Ranger Update

Hi everyone, Ranger's Mom here....

We had a rough go last night. Ranger was very lethargic and he also may have had a little fever with chills. We wrapped him in a blanket and that helped him to sleep. He didn't eat at all and was not drinking.

All of his blood work finally came back and everything is completly normal. He is a little bit better today, he ate some rice and a few bits of meat...something soft. I also gave him a spoonful of pumpkin to help loosen things coming OUT. I saw a lot of grass earlier. If he wasn't such a vacuum outside...we wouldn't have this problem.

I slept with him in the living room all night, which means I didn't get a lot of sleep. I just wanted to be sure he was going to be okay. He is such a sweet, smart dog and I hate to see him sick and not himself. I'm praying, PRAYING he doesn't have a blockage - because of not only him having to go through surgery but also the expense. I know you doggies don't understand that. Humans are stupid and charge money whenever they can.

We are waiting to see how things go by tomorrow afternoon, and if he isn't better I'm taking him in to the doctor. Please think about him.

Love, Ranger's Mom


  1. We sure hope you're feeling better soon, Ranger!
    - Charlie

  2. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Poor Ranger! Boxer healing vibes coming at you! Enjoy the pumpkin!

  3. Anonymous2:25 AM

    glad to hear things are getting better

    scary stuff