Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving!

i knew something was weird today. mom was busy moving stuff around and has been in the kitchen a whole bunch.

all of a sudden all these people came into the house. there were a lot of girls, which i don't mind...cause i like girls.... and the best part...they kept on EATING. i found the smallest girl, she was the puppy of her family and real close to the ground. so i would come up and sniff her hand when she was holding something tasty.

i've never actually met a turkey. but i have to say...they taste reeeeaaal good. one of dad's friends made a turkey just for us dogs!!!! hmmmm hmmmmm



  1. Oooh! You are a lucky pup! Turkey...mmmmm...

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Ranger :-)


  3. ooooo! you got a turkley all to yourselves? wowie! how awesome! your dads friend must be one cool peepol!