Monday, November 27, 2006

good weather...

we are having some great weather here! nice and sunny. we went on a walk yesterday cause it was so nice....i like walks. we saw a big, black lab who doesn't like anyone to get on his lawn. i didn't go over..but i barked back at him...just to let him know that even though i'm young, i'm not a big baby.

my doggie brother doesn't have to walk on a leash with us and he runs by me just to show off. he's stupid as turbo would say. i fixed him good when we got back in our yard by tackling him. i'm a lot bigger than him now!



  1. Hi Ranger, was the big, black lab mean to you?

    ~ fufu

  2. Hi Ranger,

    The weather here is beautiful too ... nice and cooling ... and most important, the haze is gone :D

  3. We have lots and lots of snow
    Ranger...i am so happy...i love the snow..i have been thinking of getting some dogs to sign up for MJs ididitron....i can run like the wind in this weather