Monday, November 20, 2006

dad teased me last night

so dad was on the couch eating this wonderfully smelling pizza. i'm very familiar with pizza...since my mom will take me to pick it up every once in awhile.

anyway...i'm doing my best to get dad's attention....

i'm hungry

how can you ignore me?

please notice me

so dad decided to show me what he was looks pretty good. nice and green....

that looks good...

so i took a bite of it. and that green thing BIT BACK!!! it was horrible .... but i couldn't keep away from it!!!!

chili pepper!

have you ever eaten anything like that before?



  1. Wow! What a mean & evil green thing!

  2. Gosh, that never happened to me, Ranger! I'm going to be a lot more careful now!!
    - Chuck

  3. Oh oh Ranger,

    the attack of the evil jalapeno...

    What a great photo!!

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  4. Can I share a secret here ???

    I seems like most of you guys dont like the green evil thingy, .... BUT I LOVE IT !!!!

    YUMMY !!!!

  5. Oh, YEAH! I'm with Boo Boo! I love those hollow-peenyo thingies! They're hot and make my face do funny things...... but I like 'em! Still... your dad shoulda warned you!
    Great pix. I don't see how anyone could resist your face!
    Play bows,

  6. Mean dad! My mom gives me tomatoes, and I feel the same way, but I eat them. Dakota loves them, though...

  7. oh how gross!! you gotta be careful wen the peepol get out the camera and offer you sumthing... it mite be a trick!

    last nite my peepol were makin chinese dumplings out of leftover turkley and i asked with my best sad dog eyes to haf a bite. i thot it wuzzent working but then my randy came over with a little bit of sumthing for me!! i wuz so happy but then i bit into the piece of ginger! ick!

    why do peepol eat such terrible food? that must be wut makes them so cranky.