Tuesday, October 10, 2006

my food sucks

i'm not diggin my food. i used to like it, but i just kinda nose around it now. if mom adds something yummy to it, i have no problem eating it.

i'm wondering if she will catch on and switch it? i heard her mention to dad that she really doesn't want to switch it. it will be my fourth type of doggie food since i was born. and sometimes, if i don't eat it.....she takes it away and then i am left STARVING.



  1. Mine didn't used to taste good either. I get bored with it easily. I get wet food every night and sometimes mom puts in some of that Turkey Parme Biscotti that she made from Sunshade's moms recipe. That really helps it. Also I get dry food free choice. The cats get free choice food also. Don't tell mom but I sometimes trade the dog food with the cats for cat food. The cats don't mind and neither do I.


  2. I don't like my food much either. My parents tried 8 different kinds! Finaly they just said if I am hungry then I will eat...but here is a hint. They put cheese on my food and I do eat it.

  3. Anytime you want some help with that food, Ranger, just give me a call...
    - Charlie