Sunday, October 01, 2006

good news!

mom hasn't made me sleep in the crate in her room for the last three days! the first night we were all getting ready for bed, so i went in my crate. but she didn't come and close the door. so i quietly slipped out and laid down on the carpet....i didn't make any noise so she wouldn't notice that i was out. i figured she forgot!

but the next day it happened the same way. and now she moved the crate out of her room! i'm so excited. i strech out and sleep sooo much better. and i'm still a good doggie and come to her side of the bed at 7am and moan at her. no barking that early!

yea, for me!


  1. Wow Ranger, that is so kewl that you don't have to be crated at night. I still have to go in my crate because my Human sleeps strange hours and doesn't want me waking her up- drats! I would be good, really, but she doesn't believe me.
    Big Wags,

  2. The door of my crate is left open all night too. I like to sleep different places durring the night, the bed, the floor, the blanket, back to the bed, but sometimes I go back to my crate anf sleep.

  3. I sometimes have to sleep in my crate, sometimes not. My Human says it depends on if I'm being a "bad wolf." (Her words.) So what if I sometimes have to yell at Lex in the middle of the night that he's stupid!

  4. Hellloooo there Ranger,

    I don't even know what you're talking about, sleepin' in a crate at night.

    I just sleep in my bed.

    I'm glad you can stretch out fully. It's one of the joys of, well, sleepin' or relaxin'.

    Chow for now, buddy,

    Tin Tin xo