Tuesday, October 03, 2006


this morning we went outside for playtime and my doggie brother, sheriff was barking madly at this thing moving on the ground.

i was interested at first so i went over and stood there next to him. well i didn't know but i stood RIGHT OVER a copperhead snake!! mom grabbed me and pulled me away. she said they were dangerous and you had to bite them just right. maybe i was too young - so i watched sheriff pick this slimy thing up and shake his head, while biting it. it was over in about five minutes and really, i wasn't that interested in sniffing it at that point. i just took off to play.



  1. Oh my dog, Ranger! That sounds incredibly scarieee!
    - C

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Wow! We get tons of black snakes here but they don't even bite!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Wow ranger!

    That was close! My dad had a CU head snake in a jar for a long time. Mom made him give it awayI She's sooo scareddies! I find little flat, dead snakes around here. But there is one livin' in our backyard. Cooools! Again, Mom is sooo scareddies!

    Good thing you have a 'law enforcement officer' livin' with you.

    Happy belated B-Day, ranger.


  4. Ranger, I went to Snake School and they zapped me every time I got near a snake. So now I don't go near them.

    -Sadie Mae Dog

  5. Don't go near poison snakes! They can make you very very sick! Killing them takes special training!


  6. Ranger ! are you going to learn the trick from sheriff??