Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ranger's Mom here...

Hi everyone! This is Ranger's Mom. I don't usually post, since Ranger likes to do it and he is very proud of his blog. But I needed a little doggie advice from his friends.

Ranger woke up this morning - same thing as usual - pee/poop and come back inside. But he is kinda lethargic. He didn't get excited about his food and didn't eat all of it. I took him back out...but he is kinda just lazing around. In fact, I took a picture of him in his kennel...I was in my office...that is something he would never do. He has been having bad dreams. Not sure what to do! Any thoughts?

feeling awful

- Ranger's Mom


  1. Ranger doesnt sounds right, I am normally lethargic, listless and food dont interest me (Note : I LOVE FOOD) when I am SICK ....

    arghhh .... Ranger's mum, can you please bring Ranger to the vet if he doesnt gets any better?

    Please please please ....

  2. It wouldn't hurt to take Ranger to the vet, and you'd feel better.

    Can you post an update?

  3. Hope Ranger continues to feel better!
    - Charlie