Tuesday, September 12, 2006

movie review: eight below

we rented this movie this weekend. have any of you seen it? i had to watch when the dogs were barking! but both my mom and brother were very sad watching it. why would humans leave their dogs if the dogs saved humans lives? caution: some doggies don't make it.

anyway, i give it 3 PAWS up. but if you easily tear up at sad parts in movies, then you better have the tissues handy (which are very tasty btw).



  1. My Momma saw it at Gramma's house and she said it was sad. Some of the puppies don't make it, yes, but in real life, there were more puppies that didn't make it.

  2. OMG Ranger, my mom saw the movie and let me tell ya, my tongue couldn't keep up with all that salty water that was dripping down her face non-stop.......... I was too busy paying attention to my mama that I missed the most critical points..

    Thanks for visiting my blog and please do link me up! I will link you up too.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  3. Hi Ranger,
    Thanks for visiting our blog!! Its always nice to meet another chocolate lab!! Our mommy saw that movie and loved it!! Anything about doggies!!
    Coco the Lab (and her brother Charlie the boxer!!)

  4. Tissues must be a lab thing! My sister Dakota eats at least one a day.