Thursday, September 14, 2006

featured on!!!

i am the featured puppy today on Daily Puppy. humans are voting for me and saying i'm cute!! but of course. *bark*

mom and i had a great night at obedience class. we had to walk in front of our class because my teacher wanted everyone to see how we were doing it right. mom is just lucky cause I know what to do. i make her look good. the president of the club was there and made a fuss over me about how good i was. mom wants to go to puppy trials. if that means treats, i'm all over it babee!



  1. awwww Ranger is such a cutie!! I love that one with the hose. I want to give you a million cuddles.

    Congrats for being on DailyPuppy!!
    We are going to link you if that's okay.

    Fei(& e)

  2. Ranger you are such a handsome boy! I love your blog! Makes me want to make a blog for my cats! They just sleep all day. I need to get them active!

  3. Ruff ruff from fellow Indianian dog bloggers Ginga and BooBoo. How does the trash in your house taste?

  4. you are such a CUTIE!!! I see from your pictures that you "attack" vaccuum hoses too?? Anytime you need tips, just contact me, I'm an expert at it!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  5. Way to go Ranger :-) You da man :-)


  6. You are just one awesome dude-pup!

    Bussie Kissies

    PS Y'know you look like chocolate and I love chocolate.