Sunday, September 17, 2006

busy weekend

so much happened this weekend. first, my dad took out the front door to our house. the FRONT DOOR!! he put a new one back, but i thought it was convenient to be left open. but he didn't agree. then, he took out all the windows in the whole house and put new ones in. gosh, it was hectic and crazy. i didn't get in my two hour nap in the morning! mom was running around cleaning up, so that left hardly any playtime for me.

but things seem to be back to normal now. i don't like all the distrupts to my normal routine. hey, i smell steak cooking....i gotta run...



  1. Hi, Ranger. It's MEEE, Mary-Margaret O'Brien. Congrats on the Awesome Blog Award. I got it a couple of months back and I tell YOUUUU. It's pretty impressive.

    We have lots in common, you and I. I'm a laundry nut myself. I love to sort laundry...clean, between. Especially my mom's underwear, which makes her nutsy.

    Nice to meet you.

    Love, Mary-Margaret O'Brien

  2. Hey Ranger, I hear ya....I dont' like disruptions either. At least you got steak right??

    Oh, if you like my blog and have a moment, please go to Awesome Blog Award at D.W.B Bone Zone and vote for me ok?

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade