Monday, August 21, 2006

WHY you should vote for me...

as the competition grows on the Awesome Blog Award at The Bone Zone...instead of asking for your vote because of how cute i look (that simply is too obvious), i thought i'd ask for your vote based on my merit and skills. so here are some of my attributes at only 4.5 months old:

- i can sit, stay, wait, laydown, speak, leave it, roll on my side, and look adorable all on command
- i sit and wait for my food to be put down and look to my mom to tell me it's okay to eat
- i keep my mom company by following her in every room of the house, even the bathroom
- i beg for human food by laying down away from the person so they can finish eating - then i can get some of their food
- i help clean my humans by licking their legs when they get out of the shower
- i take naps in my mom's office or bedroom underneath lots of electrical cords, but i never chew on them
- i do not bark first thing in the morning in my crate, instead i whine a few times quietly to let them know i'd like to get out. if they don't come right away, i wait.
- i sit at the door for my leash to be put on/off and wait to be told i can go outside - even after the door is open
- i poop on the outside of the yard area
- i help turn the grass a pretty yellow color by peeing on it
- i'm always happy to see my humans and reward them with lots of kisses and barks - but no jumping
- i listen to my mom very attently and always look right into her eyes
- i'm very good at riding in cars, trucks and the kabota
- i do not run away from my humans even off leash at the river camp
- i can do a two minute lay down stay, off leash
- i bring my family presents such as large tree branches when i go outside for walks
- i am very laid back and relaxed, which is not the usual for doggies of my color/breed
- i help my mom clean the kitchen floor by cleaning up anything she drops
- i love to play catch and retrieve nicely by dropping the item, sitting and waiting for it to be thrown
- i graduated puppy school with honors
- i have learned that when mom is not happy, no one is happy in our home

....and THAT is why you should vote for me.



  1. Wow Ranger! Maybe my Daddy was right. Maybe I am behind the learning curve!

  2. Yikes Ranger - you are showing all of us Labs up ! I can't do a quarter of those things - but that's just because i am fat and lazy :-)


  3. i'm definitely a work in progress -i think mom is scared that when i get big i will step all over her and be hard to control. it makes her happy to train me and i get lots of treats! win/win!


  4. Wow !!! Thats impressive !!!! I think you win my vote :)