Saturday, August 19, 2006

my ears hurt

i have two ear infections. i don't know how i got it because i haven't been in water...but i have smelly stuff coming out of them. mom got medicine and puts drops in my ears twice a day which i do not like. but i get treats at the same time, which i do like. doesn't matter, i shake my head afterwards to try to get it all out. i'm not too worried about it but my mom keeps checking them. *sigh*



  1. Yies Ranger ! I hope your ears feel better soon buddy ! That doesn't sound like much fun at all :-(

    Don't forget to go and vote over at the Bone Zone forums on the DogsWithBlogs page - you have been nominated for a much deserved "Awesome Blog Award".


  2. Yikes!

    (its not Yies stupid Opy:-)

    That doesnt sound like to much fun. I hope you feel better soon buddy. Im gonna go bite my dad for you, Im sure that will make you all better:-)


  3. Poor baby. My sister Dakota gets ear infections, too. The vet says it;s because she has droopy ears.

  4. Ear infections are stupid! I am a Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist, however. Let me know when you need a consultation.