Tuesday, August 01, 2006

lost my two front teeth

dad discovered my missing teeth. i guess i swallowed them. heck, i chew all the time! i wonder what the tooth fairy will bring me?

Lost tooth!



  1. More bones to chomp on from the tooth fairy I reckon :-)See how many more teeth you can lose :-)


  2. Puppy teethies hurt, according to Momma. I wouldn't know. I had all my Big Dog teethies when I came to live with Momma. But when we had Daisy Puppy, boy were her teethies sharp.

    So be proud you are losing your teethies Ranger! It means you'll be a Big Dog soon. (And then you can have your hooman shop at the Big Dog Store and get you Big Dog Toys!)

    -Sadie Mae Dog