Thursday, August 03, 2006


i graduated from puppy school last night. it was fun because mom brought the really good liver treats this time. boy did i listen to her!

the instructor told my mom that i was a very, very good doggie and she could do anything she wanted with me. something about agility or competition. i don't know what that means, but i am guessing they want me to go through that long, orange, tunnel thingy lots of times. it's dark in there!

i think they should let us pups play with other dogs at the class, but noooo - they keep us on the leashes the whole time. sometimes parents just don't understand.



  1. Congrats on your graduation! Agility is fun!!

  2. Yeah ! Congratulations Ranger - you deserve lots of treats for your big graduation reward !

  3. way to go Ranger!

  4. Congrats Ranger!
    Now see if you can get your human caretake to take a class! If we can get all of them trained to our way of thinking, we'll own the world!!! (we kindda already do!)
    Bye for now lovey!

  5. Ranger,

    Its time to revolt! You graduated, and now, just like humans its time for you to live at home and sponge off of the humans. Human children do it too. Tell them that you'll find a job when you figure out what you want to do with your life, and that won't include running through a tube unless they demonstrate it over and over.

    (no tubes when I rule the world... by the way, my human woman is from Goshen, Indiana... does everyone in Indiana where ugly blue sleepy pants all the time?)

  6. hey thanks guys! good to see you!

  7. Congrats Ranger-Danger! I graduated form Doggie School. Momma says I need to go back so I can pass the big test thingie. Be careful. I heard a the big test thingie, you have to stay while there are other doggies nearby and YOU DON'T GET TO PLAY WITH THEM.

    I didn't get treats when I went to Doggie School. But sometimes after class, I gots cheeseyburgers. Those are yummier than liver treats!

    -Sadie Mae Dog