Friday, July 07, 2006

we got a pool!!

HPIM0518 HPIM0519

i couldn't believe it when my family brought out this huge thing! my brother and i got in it and immediately starting rolling around in the water. this is going to be great on really hot days. it was so much fun that i had to take a nap after playing in it.



  1. Hi Ranger! I'm Dickens! Wow, that pool looks fun! Is that a big red cookie you've got in your mouth? My Mommy says I can't get a pool because the condo association won't allow it. What's a condo association? Can your brother get us cookies? I've got a stick! I took it off a tree with my teeth! You're still a puppy, right? I love puppies!Bye!

  2. Hi Ranger,

    You are a cutie ! Would you mind if we added you to our master list of dogbloggers over at ? We would love to have you over there...
    Please let me know,


  3. Oh my goodness! Looks like you had a blast!!! I would love to do that all day with Amy =) Take care

    Echo (future dog guide)

  4. hi everyone! thanks dickens and echo for the barkin to me. wish we could play together sometime.

    opy i would love to be added to your blog. i'll link back to ya!

    got to go swimming now....

    -ranger, the dog