Friday, July 14, 2006

new toy

i got a new toy. it was the yellow, rubber thingy that bounced a lot. but it had the most amazing yummy stuff inside it. it was creamy and tasted like peanuts. when i licked - the stuff stuck to the roof of my mouth. isn't that weird?

this rubber thing is really hard to chew up. maybe that is why mom got it for me?



  1. Ooooh. Sounds yummy. I wonder wher I can get one of those...

  2. I love that peanut stuff but I only get it with things hidden inside it. Mom says its medicine. I'd love to get it inside a toy - that would be too cool!

  3. You should wait until the Santa Paws bring presents. He brings lots of good stuff. I gots balls and a new blankie this year and new brush that Daddy likes to brush me with. Santa Paws toys are fun, espeically if he wraps 'em up in the colored paper stuff. I need help with that stuff, but then Momma puts the sticky bows on my head so I hafta shake 'em off. So be careful!