Sunday, July 23, 2006

i swam in deep water!

we went to the river today. it was at a new camp and there were lots of boys around, so i was in heaven playing with them. mom was going to tie me to a lead but i promised to stay right by everybody, so she didn't.

mom put this orange thing on me that went almost around my whole body. she said it was a life jacket and would help me be safe. when everyone was at the end of the dock i wanted to jump in soooo bad. i was shaking with excitement and nerves. but as soon I saw my mom go in the water...i jumped in after her and my brother. mom was mad that she didn't bring her thingy that takes pictures.

the water was deep!! i went in over my head, but it didn't bother me. i missed all of my naps today, so i was really tired. but it was great to be outdoors and with the family. can't wait until we go again!


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  1. Ooh you are brave, just like my lab sister Dakota. I watch from the shore...