Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the blower thing

mom was in the bathroom and she had this thing in her hand, it made a loud whirrrrrring sound. she pointed it at my face and lots of air shot out!! i tried to open my mouth and catch it, but couldn't. then she pointed that blowing thing at my butt. i didn't like that - it made me run with my butt tucked in. but of course, i came back for more.

she wasn't scared cause she pointed it at her hair. again. i wonder why?



  1. I think you need to sneak up behind her and poke her in the butt with your snout. That'll make her jump!

  2. hee hee! i like turbo's suggestion.

    i dont like that blower thing blowin on my butt either. it just isnt natural.

  3. Our Mom has one of those!
    She never points it at us and, after your experience, we hope she never does! We already sneak up on her and stick our noses on her! Mom really jumps when we do that. (hehehehe)
    Watch out for Turbo, he is pretty clever with ideas but they might get you into trouble!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Goose her! Then stand behind her when she's preparing food - humans always drop stuff on the floor for you when you do that.